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Diana and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful ceremony you led for us! You received a lot of comments by our family and guests and they really enjoyed it. Thanks for making everything so smooth! The reception was amazing and a lot of fun as well. We took care of all the paperwork and have already received our marriage it is official. Anyways, we wish we could have said bye to you, but we waived from a distance. When things settle down a bit here, we would like to send you something. Can you give me your address so we can do that? Thanks for everything and you were great to deal with. Feel free to use us as references if need be. We will definately spread the word for you if anybody we know decides to do a Central Coast wedding. Thanks again,
-John & Diana Eudy

Tom was great at helping us customize our wedding to our own unique style. We would definitely recommend Tom to any couple in search of a positive and helpful wedding officiant!
Thank you again, Tom, for your help! The ceremony was beautiful.
-Syreeta & Jeff

I recently just got married. August 15th 2009 actually. Just about everything was organized except for who was going to marry us…….maybe just about the most important part right? Well, in to my business walks an old friend, Tom Allen, whom confides in me that is working as a wedding officiant. Hmmmm, coincidence? I don’t reckon so! I knew right then and there that I had found my man! Professionalism and a wise guy, all rolled up into one. Exactly what I wanted. Tom knows exactly what he’s doing. He can take control and put a major crowd at ease, and have a little fun, if you so desire. If straight and narrow and 100% traditional is your game, he’s more than capable of that.

I would recommend Tom whole heartedly to anyone who was in need of a wedding officiant!
-Tom Brubaker

For almost the entire year of 2007, Allison and I had been planning our wedding. Caterers, banquet rooms, music, flowers, church reception... a lot to coordinate.
Allison had been working in a daycare facility at a church in Arcadia, CA where we made friends with the pastor, Father Gene. It was agreed that he would officiate our wedding.
We had several talks with Father Gene regarding the sanctity of marriage and what to expect after exchanging vows. It was probably as much for him to get to know us as we, him. So the pastor seemed to be something we didn’t have to worry about.
Two weeks before the wedding, Father Gene fell ill and would be unable to officiate. No fill in at the church either.
Wracking our brains to come up with a replacement, I remembered that my long time friend, Tom Allen, had helped me by reading the obituary that I had written for my father’s funeral. He did a great job and it is something that I will always be indebted to him for.
Hey, let’s ask Tom to do the wedding.
Tom was professional, thorough, created an entertaining, touching and respectful service and basically, was wonderful. Many friends were so impressed they asked me who “the minister” was.
I can’t say enough good things about Tom’s performance. Our day was exactly... no actually better, than we had hoped it would be. -Joseph. J. Ramsey

Officiating your wedding is an incredibly intimate job to hire someone for. Tom alleviated all of our concerns the moment we laid eyes on him at our first meeting—we had immediate chemistry with him and didn’t think twice about inviting Tom to marry us. The essence of cool, Tom is strong and well-spoken yet gentle and kind. Patient and accommodating, self-directed and resourceful, he effortlessly guided us through the entire process. Tom astounded us during the ceremony with his poignant and personalized words. His strong presence, his charm, and his wit were the mortar of our ceremony in the first building blocks of our marriage. It was the most genuine, heartfelt, and at times, funny, wedding ceremony we have ever been to. Fortunately for us, it was ours. We owe a great deal to Tom for making our wedding such a special one…his sincerity and originality were the talk of the reception!
We can’t recommend Tom strongly enough.
-Jonathan and Lisa Médard

I recently got married on May 1, 2010 at Ebb Tide Park in Shell Beach. I am from the central valley so I was pretty lost when I decided to have an out of town wedding. One of the first things I did was find a minister. I happened upon Tom Allen’s webpage and decided to give him a call. Right when I met Tom I knew he was the one who would be marrying my husband and me. He drove to Pismo Beach to meet me because I wasn’t very familiar with the surrounding area. When we sat down to talk about the ceremony, I had no idea what came next, but Tom was on top of it. He explained everything to me to the point that I had no questions, and that’s not normal for me. Tom kept in touch with us through email in the months leading up to the wedding and when the big day came I was comfortable he knew us enough to prepare something amazing. I was definitely right! Tom came up with a customized ceremony that was perfect for my husband and me. He knew we were really into music and he incorporated that into the ceremony perfectly. Everyone loved it. He even invited us to a convention the next day that we loved! I have nothing but great things to say about Tom Allen and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants an amazing ceremony. Sincerely,
-Jessica and Jared Honley